This is the page dedicated to my hobbies!

Being a programmer takes up most of my day, but during evenings or weekends, I love indulging in relaxing and artistic activities. I spend the majority of my day in front of a screen, and in my free time, I try to stay away from the TV and engage in completely offline analog activities.

I thought of creating a small page on this site to collect these passions of mine!


🗡️ Wood Carving

I create hand-carved wooden sculptures.

I primarily use Birch and Linden wood. Most of the wood I use comes from cleaning the forests surrounding my little mountain cabin.

I use the knife point carving technique, minimizing the use of chisels and power tools.

I prefer natural finishing using beeswax, which enhances the wood’s intrinsic beauty and preserves its authenticity. However, in certain cases, I resort to using oils or acrylic paints to create a particular effect or emphasize specific details.

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🎶 Music

The greatest passion of my life has always been music. In the past, I was active in the underground music scene, but now I prefer to compose music solely for personal enjoyment.