Web Development Software

I love programming and I love computers, so I often find myself having to set up a PC for web development, installing all the necessary software.

Whether it’s on a new PC, a new distribution, or simply after formatting, there are always a series of programs I have to install every time. Over time, I have created a list of apps to install on the first boot to have the PC ready to work immediately.

I have divided the list into categories of software: those for programming, for graphics, general software, and those specific to a particular operating system.

On Linux, for example, I always install gestures (I practically only use laptops nowadays).

Here’s my list of software for web development:







For both Linux and Mac, I plan to create a script or simply save the installation codes of this software so that I can run the command once and wait for the PC to install everything on its own.

For now, I haven’t had the opportunity to do it yet; in any case, it’s straightforward and one of the reasons why I love Unix systems.

I hope this simple list can be useful to those, like me, who often tinker with distributions and PCs and find themselves having to install software and apps every time.

NextCloud is still missing from this list, but I’m testing it, and I need to try it out a bit before making it a definitive part of my stack. I like it because I can keep the hard disks free and put everything in the cloud, but I’m still in the testing phase…