Video Tutorials and Podcasts, I'm back!

Good morning everyone!

I’m still here, I haven’t disappeared entirely, but I’ve been caught up in many things this year, and I’ve had too little time to dedicate to this project. However, here I am again!

Alberto Reineri is a project that is particularly close to my heart because it accompanied me in the early stages of my freelancing career. Although I haven’t achieved enormous numbers, it has always given me great satisfaction!

We live in a world where breaking through is necessary to make headlines, but in my opinion, having thousands of podcast listens is a very positive figure, just like the recent views on my videos.

This year, I’ve done a lot of things: I expanded my work collaborations, dedicated a lot of time to a side project that started to pick up quite well, and apart from work, I renovated my home, moved in on my own, and bought a van to distract myself from work now and then!

But let's get to the point; we're here to talk about programming, after all!

Well, since it’s the season for New Year’s resolutions, I take this opportunity to publicly declare mine. So, if I fail to keep them, you have the right to scold me properly!

This year, I would like to revitalize the Alberto Reineri project! It’s not that simple because it’s a project that includes:

  • Blog
  • YouTube
  • Podcast

Moreover, to create a video tutorial, it’s not enough to turn on the camera and start recording; you have to prepare everything beforehand to avoid going off-topic and to explain to the user what you’re doing. This process takes a lot of time! But if all the pieces fall into place, I might succeed, and I would gladly do it!

However, to launch a content channel, you need to have the content. So, what will I talk about? I can’t speak for the long term because you never know, but I will certainly deep dive into these topics:

  • PHP
  • Frameworks
  • WordPress
  • Servers

In addition to these highly technical topics, I would also like to start discussing the world in which we programmers live, the world of technology. We code every day, but we do it on a computer connected to a network that has a whole fantastic world behind it, for better or for worse. Therefore, I would like to talk about:

  • Tech world news
  • Hardware

Yes, I wrote LINUX in all caps because I’ve been studying this world for a couple of years now, and I recently decided to abandon Mac Os and fully transition to the open-source world! (I haven’t retired my Macbook Pro yet; I haven’t found a laptop with a better battery, even though it doesn’t perform miracles…).

Alright, I’ve made my resolutions; now let’s see if I can keep them! We’ll see each other soon with a new Video and a new episode of the Podcast!

Happy New Year and happy coding!