Using the Browser Without a Mouse – Hacker Style

Spending a lot, a whole lot of time on the browser now, and using the mouse for navigation can be frustrating for us developers… But it’s possible to do without it and move around using only the keyboard, like a true hacker! Let’s see how it’s done.

Vimium Extension

First, you need to download the Vimium extension. I use Google Chrome, but it’s also available for Firefox and Safari (if you use Brave or Edge, don’t worry, you can install the extension for Google Chrome, it will work perfectly because these browsers share the same base).

After installing it, you can start using your browser directly from the keyboard.

The basic commands are those of the Vim software, so if you’re on Linux, you’ll probably already feel comfortable, otherwise, don’t worry, just a few minutes of practice to abandon the mouse forever!

Here are the main commands to use it:

?       show the list of available commands (very useful at the beginning)
h       scroll left
j       scroll down
k       scroll up
l       scroll right
gg      scroll to the top of the page
G       scroll to the bottom of the page
d       scroll down half a page
u       scroll up half a page
f       open a link in the current tab
F       open a link in a new tab
r       reload
gs      view page source
o       Open URL
O       Open URL in a new tab
b       Open bookmarks
B       Open bookmarks in a new tab


H       Go to the previous page
L       Go to the next page

Manipulate tabs:

J, gT      Go one tab to the left
K, gt      Go one tab to the right
g0         Go to the first tab
g$         Go to the last tab
t          Create a tab
x          Close the current tab
X          Reopen a closed tab
T          Search among tabs

There you go, these are just the main commands, there are others that you can read here:

And that’s it! All you have to do now is try using them, and you’ll see that in no time you’ll be able to use the browser totally in hacker style ?‍?

As always, happy coding!