Some changes

This site has been through a lot! It has always been my testing ground for trying out new features, learning to manage a web server from the command line, and ultimately advertising my services.

Now it’s time for another change!

Professionally, I don’t need much self-promotion anymore. I work as a freelancer and have established enough collaborations to fill my days (sometimes even too much 😅😅).

So, it’s time to associate my name not only with my Web Developer activity.

In today’s world, we live by labels, especially online! People are identified based on what they do! There’s the traveler, the tech enthusiast, the one living in a camper, and so on…

Personally, I find it very limiting! Life cannot be confined to a single label, at least not mine!

Looking back, I have been a bike mechanic, a real estate agent, a programmer, a teacher, and a freelancer. That’s regarding work. Then, I’ve played in different bands, love cycling, own two motorcycles and a camper, and so on… My life cannot be encapsulated into a single topic, and I don’t want it to be.

For a moment, I thought about shutting down this site, closing everything, focusing on my work and passions in my private life, without publishing anything.

But I like to write! And I don’t have many opportunities to do so, aside from coding…

So, I’ve decided to transform this website from a showcase site to a personal site, an old-fashioned blog, perhaps outdated in the social media era, but more intimate and personal.

Over time, I’ve created a series of guides on web development to help young aspiring web developers, and some have been read by thousands of people, bringing me to the front page on Google. All of this will remain and continue, but it won’t be the only type of content on this site.

There will be everything I want to be there! Yes, it may seem selfish, but my site, my topics!

It will become my digital garden, where I can sometimes stop and calmly write about what I want, what I like, without necessarily having to talk about programming.

So, I present to you my new site! It’s very simple, no wow effects!

For work, I spend entire days developing effects and animations, but for this site, I wanted to think about the analog world! It’s a sheet of paper with text on it, nothing else.

If you want to follow my articles, you can subscribe to the Newsletter! I opened it some time ago, and it has been appreciated by users.

Happy reading!