1. Setting Up the PC for WordPress Development

You’re getting into the programming world and want to start developing some WordPress websites? Congratulations! Welcome to the fantastic world of Web Development!

To get started, you’ll need to install the necessary programs to write your first codes and make what you’ve written “run.” In this article, we’ll quickly go over the software you’ll need.

Let’s set aside the eternal debate about which operating system is better for a particular task, trends that lead to choosing one computer over another, and similar matters. All the software mentioned in this article is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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In this guide, I’ll point out the best tools and programs that will allow you to install WordPress, develop themes and plugins, test functionalities, and upload changes online.

So, let’s see what we need to develop websites in WordPress.



If you plan to do some web development, the fundamental software you must have is a browser. All operating systems come with a pre-installed browser, but my recommendation is to use Google Chrome. This browser is very fast and offers a set of developer tools that are very useful.

I won’t dwell on this point because you’re probably already using Chrome or know exactly what it is.

Recently, Microsoft released the new version of Edge. I’ve been testing it for some time, and I’m really excited about it, so Microsoft’s browser can also be a good choice!


Text Editor

To do web development, you need to write code, and to write code, you need a text editor. It’s possible to write code with Notepad, but it’s certainly not an optimal solution.

My recommendation is to use Visual Studio Code, a fantastic free software from Microsoft!

Rich in features and extensions, it allows you to manage projects very well, thanks to the internal terminal within the interface.

This is undoubtedly the essential program for any programmer.


Local Server

To “make” our projects run on our PC, it is necessary to install a local server to make them work.

I have been using XAMPP for years, also free software that includes MySQL. Extremely useful and easy to use, it allows you to configure a local server in a few minutes and start your project in PHP.

Essential for creating websites in WordPress, projects in PHP frameworks like Laravel or CodeIgniter, or even for jobs in Core PHP.


FTP Client

Once our site is finished, we need to upload it online!

To do this, you can use an FTP Client that allows you to connect to the hosting and upload the site files.

The most widely used software for this task is definitely FileZilla. Free, simple, and intuitive, it is the right choice for setting up your site easily, quickly, and efficiently.


Finally, let’s not forget that every project also has a graphic part!

To develop the layouts of your projects, I recommend using Figma. I’ve been using this software for some time and am really satisfied, plus it’s completely free! Just sign up with your Google account, and voilĂ ! You can start creating fantastic web layouts and more!

All these software programs are free and cross-platform, except for the next one.

I’m talking about Photoshop, a fabulous Adobe software that allows you to do anything you want with photos and images. Although many of these things can also be done with Figma, I still can’t completely detach myself from this software, which remains the only one in my configuration that is paid

If you want to try a valid alternative, there’s Gimp, which they say should be very powerful. Unfortunately, having started with Photoshop and knowing it quite well by now, I don’t want to start learning a new program from scratch… I’ll leave it to you to judge!

This is all you need! Now you can start experimenting with code and design and create your first projects!

Thanks for reading this article.

Happy coding!