New Website

Here’s my New Website!

I know, it might seem unconventional. There’s no WOW effect as one would expect, at least not in the form of flashy or extravagant animations. It’s a simple website, primarily text-based. It might seem like it doesn’t fully comply with Google’s rules, but in reality, there’s more than meets the eye.

Why Such an SEO-Unfriendly Website

I decided to make a radical change! Originally, this site was the showcase of my Freelance Web Developer business. In the past, it had vibrant colors, animations, and effects to showcase my skills and attract new clients.

Fortunately, I no longer need to show off that much. This is for various reasons:

No economic need to find new clients

At the moment, I find myself in a rather stable situation (as stable as a VAT business can be…). I have satisfying long-term collaborations and fill my days with programming. I always welcome new clients and projects, even though I recently had to decline some and direct potential clients to other entities! Being a solo Freelancer, I don’t have the structure to expand indefinitely, and honestly, I don’t want to create it at the moment. For now, I’m content with staying solo. However, this means I have to turn down some work. Days have a limited number of hours, and my mind has a limited number of projects it can handle, so for now, I can say I’m saturated.

Perhaps in a few years, I’ll open up to new possibilities, or I’ll strengthen current collaborations even more and quit freelancing altogether… Who knows… We’ll see how things evolve! There’s no point in looking too far ahead; the world is constantly changing, and we must always be ready to adapt!

I want a website that represents me

My site must be first and foremost mine! It may seem obvious, but today, to attract the audience, you have to appear cool, modern, lively, joyful, and then some! In the past, I did it because it was necessary, but in reality, I’m not like that… I’m a rather serious, calm, and composed person. I love silence and tranquility; I don’t like things that are too flashy…

I wouldn’t call myself boxed in; I’ve always had long hair, dressed casually, and I’m quite liberal, but I tend to take things seriously, perhaps too much.


This site is no longer my showcase, or better to say, its being a showcase is no longer a central factor. For now, the promotional pages Services and Portfolio are still active, but I don’t exclude the possibility of removing them in the future and keeping only the blog. Also, I plan to create an Extra section to include what I do outside the web world.


However, SEO is indeed present on this site. The Lighthouse tests are very positive, and I expect the indexing to improve. It’s true that there are no images, but the content is already widely read, and now the loading times have greatly improved. Only time will tell if all this can work.

Exiting Social Media

As a long-term goal, I would like to use this site as my only online presence. I’ve been fed up with social networks for a long time. They are becoming more and more invasive, and every time I think about what they bring to my life, there are more things they take away from me than what they give me. Therefore, I hope to get out of them soon. I’m forced to keep them active because I sometimes use them for work, but I hope to close them shortly and be present online only through this site. If it happens, I’ll also create an “Extra” section to gather some of my curiosities outside of programming.

How This Site Works

I’ll start by saying that this site is developed with Hugo, an open-source framework for creating static sites. This allows me to manage it entirely through GitHub. So, I gave up my personal domain and am using The only thing I had to give up is the email associated with my personal domain, so I use Gmail. This has never been a problem for my clients over the years, and it saves me from managing domain, DNS, and server for this site. One less job for me!

But how does this particular site work? Well, it’s not actually difficult… The main thing is that the navbar is moved down, not at the top like on all other sites. This is to make the site more convenient to use, more app-style. If you open it from mobile, you can use the navbar simply with your thumb without stretching it to the top of the screen, but by clicking comfortably at the bottom.

This site is oriented towards a pleasant reading experience. That’s why there’s only a dark mode. Reading white text on a dark background is more relaxing for the eyes and stresses the mind less. Also, the structure presents only text without a sidebar or anything else. Sometimes the table of contents is on the right, always to improve content readability. Finally, on scroll, the navbar disappears completely, and the text becomes the only thing on the page to ensure the best possible reading experience.

Scrolling up or reaching the bottom of the page will make the navbar visible again, and you can change pages.

As additional features, there’s the possibility to search the site’s content and multilingual support, which is still in development but will be online soon.


This is my new site. I don’t know how long it will last! As a web developer, I’m always looking for new challenges, and the best way to understand a technology is to try it directly. It could be completely different in two months, or I could remain faithful to this approach for years.

In any case, I’ll keep you informed on this blog!

See you soon!