Never stop learning...

I began writing code almost ten years ago, using different languages, libraries, and frameworks, but the desire to always learn something new has not yet left me, fortunately.

For the past couple of years, a little word has been wandering in my mind that I can’t seem to shake off: Python.

If you do a quick search online about programming languages, you’ll inevitably come across a flood of articles related to this language. Almost all discussions and articles revolve around Python and Javascript.

What attracts people to this language is undoubtedly its simple syntax and its use in artificial intelligence and machine learning. So, I think it’s time to take a closer look.

I’ve never developed anything in Python and, therefore, don’t know how to use it. I’ve read a few things in the documentation, learned the syntax, but I can’t say I know how to use it until I create something with this language.

I started with good old Visual Basic, then moved on to ASP, PHP, and Javascript (let’s not count HTML and CSS for now…), and now I believe it’s time to learn how to create something with Python too.


As always when approaching a new language, you never know where to start… And with Python, the possibilities are truly endless.

You can create websites and web apps, but also desktop and mobile applications! Virtually anything.

In theory, I should lean towards web development, so towards using Django, but I must say that desktop and mobile frameworks also attract me quite a bit.

I’ve already installed Django, and from what little I’ve seen, I really like it, but Kivy also catches my attention…


For now, I’ve already created a couple of scripts with Python and Selenium, and it was really simple and fast. I was impressed by the few lines of code and the online community. I found everything I was looking for in a short time and managed to do what I wanted! What more could I ask for?

I hope that next week I can make up my mind and choose the framework to rely on, which will probably be Django. Maybe I could try to bring some of my PHP projects to Django and see how it goes.

Any suggestions you have will be greatly appreciated.

See you soon

Happy coding!