I am officially a WordPress Developer.

Today my plugin was approved, and it has been published in the official WordPress repository! Now, I am officially part of the community as a WordPress Developer. What an exciting moment! 😊 😊 😊

The plugin is actually very simple, but it was my first step into the WP community, and I wanted to start from the ground up to quietly join the team.

I’ve been coding for WordPress for over five years, a significant part of my work. However, obtaining approval from the official team is far from simple. The rules are strict, and the code needs a complex structure to be approved, making software development a challenging task. Even though my plugin seems to perform a simple task, behind the scenes, there’s a considerable effort to meet the high standards required. Throughout this journey, I’ve gained new insights into software design and learned to use the SVN version control system for managing the code and updates for my plugin. As always, doing is the best way to learn!

All of this has no monetary value; the plugin is free & open source, so it’s available for free to anyone worldwide. My reward lies in the pride of creating something that can be useful to others, in addition to being officially recognized as a WP Developer by the official team.

Receiving acknowledgments is always a rewarding experience, especially when they come from such a vast and diverse community like WordPress, which manages one of the most widely used software platforms globally.

For anyone interested, here is the link to the plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-header-and-footer/. I want to emphasize once again that it’s a Free & Open Source project, so anyone can participate and improve it.

I’ll wrap up this self-referential post here, but sometimes being proud of oneself is healthy and necessary to keep enthusiasm high! Also, I can revisit this page in a few years and remember this significant event for me.

See you soon!