2021! Good intentions and reflections

The year 2021 has arrived, and like every year, it’s time to make resolutions and reflect on the past year. Whether or not these resolutions for 2021 are fulfilled doesn’t matter much; what’s important is taking stock of one’s situation to identify areas for improvement and to appreciate what has been created and achieved.

My 2020

For me, 2020 was a very peculiar year, beautiful in some aspects but also challenging in others, from which I learned a lot. Reflecting on the past year allows me to set realistic resolutions for 2021.

This article will touch on the world of programming but will also delve a bit into my personal life. I write it to share both work and life experiences, but also for myself, to document my thoughts during this transition to the new year. Perhaps, at the beginning of 2022, I can revisit and see what I have accomplished since then.


2020 is the year that officially crowned me as a Web Developer. If you’ve been reading my journey for a while, you know that I started developing over ten years ago, spent five years as an employee, then shifted to teaching for a few years—all while staying updated on the development world and working on small software projects.

In 2019, I began working as a freelance web developer, unsure if I could make it. In 2020, I can confidently say that I did. I may not have reached the pinnacle, but I surpassed the first year from January to December. Let’s see how it goes from here, but I am very optimistic.

I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with amazing people who encouraged me to continually improve and dedicate myself to projects that interest me beyond just work. Working for environmentally conscious companies with strong ethics resonates with me. As a theologian, I appreciate projects with a soul behind them.

Aside from work, I transitioned to using a Mac, definitively, I would say. It’s satisfying because I have always desired Apple hardware, and now it makes sense to invest in it for significant development advantages. Having a Unix system is a game-changer.

I’ve also become proficient in using Linux, both on servers and desktops. I attempted to use it as my primary desktop system for a while, but since I bought the Mac, I’ve set it aside. The time hasn’t come yet.

Finally, I moved to living alone. I’m not very young; I recently turned 29, but due to health issues, I couldn’t do it earlier. Despite still having some health challenges, I manage quite well. Managing everything alone can be complicated, and simple everyday tasks that others find easy can be challenging for me. However, I’m doing it and am very content.


The biggest challenge always revolves around my health. For five years, I haven’t been in good shape, and every time I try to recover physically, my body stops me. It’s not easy to have a mind that says one thing and a body that stops and almost imprisons it.

At the end of January this year, I had a very strong setback. Typically, I recover within a couple of weeks, but this time it was more severe, and it took me several months. Moreover, while I was trying to recover, this accursed Covid arrived, which wasn’t pleasant for someone immunocompromised like me. My anxiety increased significantly, and from March, a new fear joined all the existing health concerns.

Now, at the end of the year, I am recovering, in the process of coming out, or at least I hope so. I’ve resumed walking and enjoying life as much as possible.

Besides physical challenges, there were also some specific incidents on the work front that disheartened me.

I am very happy and proud of the work I’ve done this year, but promoting myself online exposes me to contacts from various people and companies. Perhaps, I am still too trusting and tend to trust too easily from the beginning. This led me into some unprofessional relationships where I had to endure some setbacks, fortunately only in terms of lost hours and some frustration. From this year onward, I’ll strive to be more discerning, especially as I plan to change my online approach, which I’ll discuss shortly.

2021: What Awaits Me?

I don’t know what awaits me, but I do know what I would like to accomplish over the next 12 months—my resolutions for 2021.

Firstly, I have slightly adjusted my website. It has evolved from a self-promotion site to an educational site. I want to dedicate these pages to web development, not the sale of services.

So, this year, you’ll find the Guides section in the navigation menu, where I’ll post tutorials or simple guides on various web technologies. I have learned a lot from free online resources, and I think it’s time to give back. You can read everything for free and even download some useful resources.

In addition to this, I will continue with the blog. The guides will be educational articles, while the blog will be a bit more personal. I want to share my thoughts on technologies, hardware, and the digital world, including criticisms and compliments.

Then there’s my podcast: Codice e Design. Honestly, I don’t know how it will continue. I need to find the time to include it, but I don’t want to rush it between other tasks. I’m even considering pausing it for a while and resuming recording episodes when I’m more at ease. I’m still undecided, not sure whether to focus more on the blog or the podcast. Personally, I prefer writing to speaking, but we’ll see in the coming months.

Lastly, I would like to try translating some of my guides into English, but it’s just an idea; we’ll see if I can stick to it. It’s certainly not a priority at the moment.

Regarding my services, I am currently affiliated with bikeitalia.it, and for now, that suffices. I’m also working on a personal project related to the mountains and have a somewhat entrepreneurial idea in progress. Maybe in a few months, I can share more about it.

My work activities in 2021:


I’m creating a brief list mostly for myself, to remind me that, besides work, it’s also important to dedicate time to private life and healthy, relaxing activities. Here are the things I’d like to focus on this year:

  • Mountains
  • Dog walks
  • Playing the guitar
  • Cycling
  • Motorcycling

Things to limit:

  • Smartphone use in the morning and evening (the smartphone shouldn’t be the first thing to see in the morning and the last at night)
  • Social networks (I’m thinking of gradually quitting… For now, I’ll keep only Instagram and Facebook, mostly for work; no more Twitter, Reddit, and not even LinkedIn—leaving them as they are without using them anymore)
  • Linux (as much as I enjoy tinkering with various distros, it has become worse than a drug lately. I start testing a script, and a couple of hours later, I find myself still messing around with the terminal… Too much time… For now, I’ll focus only on Linux Server)

These are my resolutions for 2021. I hope this somewhat more personal read can be inspiring for you; it certainly will be for me. Putting in writing what I want to do during the year will motivate me to achieve it.

My best wishes for a great 2021!

Happy coding